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Shiver Games is an independent game developer from Helsinki, Finland, founded in 2010. Lucius, Shiver Games’ first title, was released in October 2012 and it’s sequel was released in February 2015. Shiver Games is specialized on making peculiar and unique horror games for various platforms.

卢修斯 III 2018
卢修斯 Demake 2016
卢修斯 II 2015 卢修斯 I 2012


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卢修斯 III

体裁: Adventure / Mystery / Narrative
释放: Coming soon
开发 人员: Shiver Games

卢修斯回来了这一次, 他回到了他的老邻居的冬山。通过考验和磨难, 我们将最终看到道路将他带到哪里。 这是一个很难的。他的选择第一次出现问题。 最后是结束这一切的时候了吗?


  • Experience an In-depth and carefully crafted story, which takes the player through a wide range of emotional experiences.
  • Feel the full experience of playing the villain protagonist.
  • Experience the atmospheric and detailed environments.
  • Use powerful magical abilities to help your cause.
  • Homage to the classic horror movies. You can find references to different titles all over the game.
  • Over 20 tracks of original music that compliments to the atmosphere of the game.
  • Investigate the past and secrets of Winter Hill and its inhabitants

  • 卢修斯 II-预言

    体裁: Adventure / Sandbox / Splatter
    平台: PC / WINDOWS / LINUX
    释放: 2015
    开发 人员: Shiver Games

    从燃烧的残骸中, 他安然无恙地走了。他在他AM平台下载的庄园里度过了寒冷的屠杀。 他把弱者带走, 惩罚恶人。他看着他们的灵魂的窥视孔, 发现他们隐藏的真正的自我。 《启示录》预言了孩子的诞生, 最终将用铁棍统治世界。这个预言的第一部分已经实现了。 是时候照顾剩下的人了。

    离开但丁庄园后, 他被带到圣笃医院精神病病房。 恶人的道不总是容易的。路西法决定为后代创造一个小小的挑战, 夺走了男孩们超自然的能力。 当他决定再次行动并夺回他的权力时, 预言的低语找到了男孩的耳朵。 他对他的新建议知之甚少。

    What makes Lucius II Bigger, better and bloodier than the original game?
    What are the key features of Lucius II?

  • Lucius II is a unique twist where you play the bad guy and wreak havoc as the son of the devil.
  • 3D Splatter adventure sandbox that continues the story of the original game.
  • Over 100 potential victims.
  • Lucius can now explore a vast five storey hospital and a small town of Ludlow.
  • Homage to the classic horror movies. You can find references to different titles all over the game.
  • Create your truly own unique traps by using a complex combination system and various tools.
  • Each level is its own sandbox where you can decide when, who and how to kill.
  • Create your own unique Lucius by selecting from vast number of supernatural abilities.

  • 卢修斯

    体裁: Adventure
    平台:  PC
    出版商:  Lace Mamba Global
    释放:  2012
    开发 人员: Shiver Games

    他幼稚的天真并不意味着要持续很久, 哦不: 当小卢修斯出生在1966å¹´6月6日的有意义的日期, 没有人期望他是一个正常的小男孩以外的任何东西。他的童年, 花在一个豪华的庄园, 是正常的, 因为每个孩子的年轻年 – 好, 除了他的父母的极端财富, 因为卢修斯长大了他想要的一切, 包括几个女佣, AM平台下载自己的屠夫和卢修斯"私人教师。

    Everything changed, though, when Lucius turned 6: His real father, the Devil, appeared in his dreams the night before his birthday, revealing that Lucius was his son.

    The Beast managed through Lucius to bring a descendant back to the earth – and so it is Lucius’ task now to accomplish the missions of the Evil, which is gaining control over the world. Firstly, Lucius needs to get rid of all his family members and the service staff in the manor to be able to make their wealth and powers his.

    Equipped with supernatural powers, Lucius starts off to a blood-flooding tour of horror through his house, using hell’s powers of telekinesis and mind control to orchestrate deadly accidents that will minimize the population of the manor one by one by one…

    Key Features

    • Unique 3D horror adventure gaming experience
    • Homage to the classics of the horror movie genre, including “The Omen”, “Shining”, “The Exorcist” and many more
    • 3D open world adventure gameplay
    • Breathtaking atmosphere, stunning visuals
    • Supernatural powers, including Telekinesis and Mind Control


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